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Tot Talk

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“Introducing our new, weekly podcast series called Tot Talk, hosted by Redi Thlabi. It is an exciting series, that is designed to help parents navigate their way through raising happy and healthier children. There will be various topics discussed, with 5 industry experts from different fields:

· Building Confidence
· Instilling Good Manners
· Developing An Active Child
· Building good sibling relationships
· Building Emotional Intelligence
· Building Responsibility
· Building Good Eating Habits

Click through on any topic you would like to listen to/download the podcast below or simply read the articles for more information.

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Building good manners
“Manners are the building blocks of future leaders. The global marketplace is demanding the incorporation of morals and principles in conjunction with academic qualifications. The preparation and ability to act within the four pillars of character – Intellectual, Moral, Civic and Performance – greatly enhances us as effective human beings, and to the flourishing of society.”
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Building confidence
Confident children are happy children and are popular with their peers. The role of the parent is vital in building a confident child and it is not rocket science to achieve this. This podcast will equip any parent who genuinely loves his or her child with the skills do to so. Fulfilling a child’s legitimate needs is the key. You will learn how to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate needs and focus on the positive.
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Building emotional intelligence
Twenty-first century children have the Internet to help them acquire the technical skills that they require to prepare themselves for a successful future, but technical skills are not enough. Interpersonal skills trump the technical any time. Emotional intelligence is the buzzword today, both for children and adults.
A popular child is a happy child and popularity comes with emotional intelligence. This podcast will help you to build an emotionally intelligent child who knows how to regulate his or her emotions, and how to respond to the emotions of others in a positive manner.
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Building good eating habits
You have seen it. They pull their faces at the sight of any food that is green, yellow or red! (broccoli, carrots and sweet peppers) You have also moved to the dark side and considered chips to be a vegetable. (After all, they are also made from potatoes!)
Among the grannies, the nannies and the chommies, you don’t know how to get your child to eat healthily. In any case, what is ‘healthy’ these days? Listen to our podcast to learn more about what constitutes good eating habits for a preschooler and how you can get your child to eat healthily. After all, if they can start healthy eating habits at a young age, they will likely grow to be healthy-eating adults.
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Developing an active child
Lizette van Huyssteen founded the Practica Programme in 1993 and she has been a source of information and inspiration to many thousands of parents ever since.
Listen to her advice on developing an active child and learn:
(1) why the three- to six-year period is key to unlocking the inner athlete in your child,
(2) how to spot the three kinds of activities that can develop your child into a competent mover and
(3) how to build your child’s ‘movement vocabulary’ to equip him or her for entering into any kind of sport later on.

Also, listen to the Q&As for advice on helping the disinterested child, the best kind of exercise for building concentration skills in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) children and a link to everything you need to know about low muscle tone.
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Building good sibling relationships
Lizette van Huyssteen has been heading up the team of therapists at the Practica Advisory Service for more than 25 years. Listen to their practical approach to building good sibling relationships to learn:
(1) how to make life easier for older children when a new baby comes,
(2) about the three most effective ways to bring more peace into your home, and
(3) how photographs can help you discover your children’s thoughts and feelings, and help them connect as siblings.

Also, listen to the Q&As for advice on coping with sibling rivalry, excessive competition between siblings, how teaching a growth mindset can benefit sibling relationships and how to help older children be patient with younger siblings.
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Building responsibility
As fiercely as we love our children, we do them no favours when we focus on making their lives ‘easy and pleasant’ at the cost of creating a sense of responsibility. Handing over responsibility to our children and having expectations of them is not always the easy path. In fact, it can be a tough journey, but it is essential to their success in life. As parents, it is our duty to nurture our children in a way that fosters independence and a sense of responsibility. Knowing how to do this can be a challenge at a period in time when ‘things come easily’.

The current generation of children are accustomed to instant gratification and have come to expect their parents to make their lives comfortable – doing it all for them as they helicopter-parent and control to avoid disappointment. This podcast will look at the pitfalls of parenting in this manner, ways to build responsibility in your child from a young age and how this will produce adults who take on challenges, stick with things when the going gets tough and are ultimately more successful in life.
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