A detailed medical history, of you and your partner, will be recorded at your first prenatal visit. A complete physical examination will be done and nutritional information given. If appropriate, genetic counselling will be offered.
Your caregiver may carry out the following tests and examinations:

Pelvic examination

  • Confirm pregnancy.
  • Estimate size of uterus.

Pap smear, vaginal swab

  • Test for vaginal infections.

Blood tests

Urine tests

  • Confirm pregnancy (modern home urine tests are very accurate).
  • Test for infection.
  • Test for protein – for renal dysfunction, infection.
  • Test for sugar – for latent diabetes.

Routine tests you can expect at every visit

  • Weight check.
  • Blood pressure.
  • Urine analysis for proteins and sugars.
  • Abdominal examination to determine the progression of the pregnancy and the growth, position and size of the foetus.