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About Nestlé Start Strong Stay Strong

Nestlé has cared about babies and their firsts for over 145 years. It all started in 1867 with Henri Nestlé and to this day we continue to strengthen the lives of little ones across South Africa and around the world. Nestlé Start Strong Stay Strong is here to provide you with beneficial support and information for your baby’s optimal growth and development to ensure your little one gets the best start. We’ve made it our mission to understand you, and other moms just like you, all across South Africa. We put you and your baby first. Every time.

Having a baby is the journey of a lifetime. From conception to your little one’s 2nd birthday, presents a unique window of opportunity to shape his future. Nestlé Start Strong Stay Strong is your trusted partner, guiding you and your baby on your journey of the first 1 000 days. Smiles, kisses, hugs & laughs. Tears, tantrums, aches & pains. We are with you through it all. Nestlé Start Strong Stay Strong is about helping the next generation of little ones to develop to their full potential and live happier lives by providing high quality, innovative, science-proven products for moms and their little ones. What you eat and do during these first 1 000 days can make a great impact on your baby’s future. Together, we can nurture a stronger generation.